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Kingfishers are small size birds with bright colors feathers. They are usually found near river or pond. Kingfishers generally eat fish and frogs but are many times seen eating lizards and other insects. There are around 73 species of kingfishers in world and all have large heads, stubby tails and long pointed bills.

Kingfishers are famous for their hunting techniques. They keep hovering until they find a fish and then plunges into the water and catches the fish and then returns to the perch. Kingfisher beat larger prey on a perch to kill the prey and then swallow it.


White breasted kingfisher

White breasted kingfisher

Also known as white-throated kingfisher, this kingfisher is generally seen on trees. Its head is black, neck and chest is white, body it brown and wings are of blue colour.



Common king fisher


Common king fisher are generally seen near river and are also known as river kingfisher. It has orange chest, blue wings and upper part and short blue tail.



Pied kingfisher

 Pied Kingfisher

Pied kingfishers are generally seen near water. They have black and white plumage on upper part. Its bill and legs are black.


Stork Billed Kingfisher

This kingfisher is larger in size compare to other species of kingfisher and are generally found on trees. They have large bill, grey head, yellow chest, green back, red legs, blue shinning wings and tail, and grey head.


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