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Leading E Juices for Sub Ohm Vaping

Health Benefits of Transitioning to Vape
Considering switching from traditional smoking to vaping? Learn about the likely wellness advantages you might experience. Many cigarette users transition to e-cigarettes as a reduced harm replacement to traditional cigarettes. Unlike traditional smoking, vaping doesn??™t involve ignition, which implies it creates fewer toxic chemicals and dangerous elements. Investigations have indicated that vaping can greatly lower encounter to cancer-causing agents and other harmful compounds found in tobacco smoke. Furthermore, e-cigarettes allows for controlled nic levels, which can aid traditional smokers slowly reduce their reliance. E-cigarettes also erases the unpleasant scent associated with cigarettes, improving overall cleanliness and social acceptance. For many, the transition to vape leads to better lung health, as well as better flavor and smell. While more studies is necessary, current data indicates that vape is a safer replacement to smoking, delivering a viable choice for those seeking to stop smoking and enhance their wellness. 
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Trip Report - Old Magazine House-Ganeshgudi
Hi to all friends...
happy to meet you , tns for this site <3
Any opportunity to work with wildlife?
Hello friends, I don't have any formal education related to wildlife as I studied Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science in my college days, but my love for nature and wildlife is ever increasing. I am looking for any wildlife related job which enables me to live close by nature, which is open for even graduates who have not studied wildlife. If there is any such job, please let me know...
Where can I find Scientific names of Indian birds?
I want scientific names of all Indian birds. Can you please suggest me a website link or book name where I can find this information. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Birding sites in Pune?
Dear friends I am going to pune in next week. So can anybody guide me for birding sites in pune? 
Can someone suggest me a good camera and lens for bird photography?
I am currently using Sony Cybershot HX300 20.4MP Semi SLR but want to upgrade it. The existing one is good for clicking animals photos but when it comes to bird photography the result is very poor. So please suggest me a budget Camera and Lens for bird photography. Thanks in advance.
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