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Snakes are magnificent creatures who just have a bad name in the human kind.That to is because we fear them,they are found everywhere on the globe.
They are found in forests,grasslands,mountains & higher altitudes,water bodies,deserts,fields,mangroves,beaches,oceans,river banks.

Bamboo pit viper(trimeresurus spp.)

These unlike humans cannot regulate their body temperature,thus they have to use the heat from the environment hence seen basking in the early morning sunlight. To conserve these creatures awareness is very important, as soon a individual sees a snake he/she tries to kill it, which is not at all appropriate. many snake species are getting extinct due to killing. 
Saw-scaled viper


A saw scaled viper- One of the top 4 venomous due to which most deaths happen in Indian peninsular. Mostly villagers who walk on the road and fields with bare foot and without a torch.Thus awareness about the same would save so many species from dying.


Indian rock python 

Also snake rescuers who intend to help the snakes by rescuing them and releasing them to the wild and of no use. As many of them do not know how a snake should be treated and handled with care. Many rural rescuers head grab cobras, vipers and other small snakes where there is no need of a head grab.
Also rescuers both rural and urban take selfies with snakes and try taking images by kissing these creature on their head.. end up getting bitten badly.

Green vine snake

A ideal conservationist and photographer who would study and photograph the snakes without touching them or harming them is the best way to conserve them. And awareness in the rural and urban areas is a major concern for conservation green pit viper 

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